The head office of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is located in Lakkoma of Chalkidiki. It has an experienced staff on the field and modern machinery. It processes and trades excellent qualities of coffee.

Today, the company’s head office is certified with EN ISO 22000:2018 and IFS and it has 22 employees. It is active in the field of coffee mainly in North and Central Greece and in Athens while at the same time it is addressed to customers all over the world who express interest in quality products of superior taste.

In recent years, the company has made some export efforts to Europe and America.

distribution network/sales network


The Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. has a well-organized distribution network/sales network which mostly serves Thessaloniki.

It is about ex-van salesmen who distribute and sell the Ouzounoglou products every week with privately-owned vans.

The salesmen organize a specific visit schedule according to distance for the best possible service of the company’s clients.

The Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. serves customers all over the world. For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on +30 23990 51132 and our company’s staff will be always available to answer you.

The company’s aim is to please the customers with an immediate and friendly service.



Since 1963, the branch of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is located in 62 Anatolikis Thrakis str., in Kato Toumba of Thessaloniki.

There, you can find all Ouzounoglou coffees freshly roasted, many traditional products such as nuts, sweets, dried fruits as well as many spices and herbs for all those who adore special taste.




Four years in a row (2011-2014), the Ouzounoglou Greek coffee received the GOLDEN FAME awards in the FAMOUS BRANDS research of Greece in the category of Greek coffee.

In mid-June of 2019, the Ouzounoglou Greek coffee was evaluated by taste experts in Brussels via ITI (International Taste Institute). As a result, the Ouzounoglou Greek coffee was awarded the Superior Taste Award 2019 getting 2 Golden Stars for its superior taste.

In the early January of 2022 the Ouzounoglou Greek coffee was awarded the Superior Taste Award 2022  by the International Taste Institute (ITI) getting once again 2 Golden Stars for its Superior Taste.  



Now you can find the roasted and ground Greek coffee of the Ouzounoglou company in a stylish display stand which is ideal for the promotion of the Ouzounoglou coffee in professional places.

The Ouzounoglou stand consists of a body, four shelves and a head.

Its sizes are:

  • height: 166cm
  • width: 55cm
  • length: 22cm

If you are interested, please telephone us on +30 23990 51132 to get more information and know more about its availability.



You can find advertisements of the Ouzounoglou company in magazines, newspapers, posters and social media.