The history of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is interrelated with the history of Greek coffee in Thessaloniki. Since 1928, the Ouzounoglou family became guardian of the coffee quality and coffee substance from generation to generation. 


When Symeon Ouzounoglou founded the company in 1928 he knew pretty-well that the success recipe is one: “To offer only the best coffee quality to his customers.”


Symeon left his passion and his coffee secrets to his son George. George did the same thing with his successors, Stelios and Simos, as well. The cycle of tradition is continued until today by their children, the fourth in a row generation, with endless effort and enthusiasm. Their goal is to achieve the superior quality of coffees.


Coffee is above all pleasure. A daily pleasure which accompanies our life…

A pleasure which accompanies the Ouzounoglou family for four generations.



The main objective of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is coffee processing and trade. The product which established the Ouzounoglou company in the market is the carefully roasted and ground Greek coffee. The last few years the company enriched the list of its products including filter coffees, flavoured filter coffees, espresso and chocolate beverage in powder.

In the early January of 2022 the Ouzounoglou Greek coffee was evaluated in Brussels by experts of taste via the ITI-International Taste Institute. The result was to be awarded with 2 Golden Stars for its Superior Taste-Superior Taste Award 2022.

The head office of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is located in Lakkoma of Chalkidiki which processes coffees of excellent quality with the support of modern equipment and experienced staff.
Today, the head office of the company is certified with EN ISO 22000:2018 and IFS, it has 22 employees, it is activated in the field of coffee mostly in North and Central Greece and in Athens while at the same time it is addressed to all customers who are interested in quality products of superior taste.




The vision of the Sons of G. Ouzounoglou S.A. is to become one of the greatest coffee industries in Greece.Our company’s vision  is always interwoven with its values and strategics.


The company focuses on tradition, quality, food safety culture, as well as it respects the client, the employee and the environment.

The company particularly:

  • achieves and maintains the highest possible quality of the products that produces, that is, it processes and distributes quality products and safe ones for the consumer.
  • preserves and reinforces a food safety culture which embraces its values, beliefs and people who practice this culture.
  • respects the client and tries to satisfy his/her needs as much as possible.
  • respects the employee.
  • respects the environment by following the legislations for the prevention of the environmental pollution.

As strategics , the company focuses on its stable development without taking inexcusable economic risks,
aiming for the constant improvement of its products and economics.

In order to achieve the above the company:

  • takes strict measures of personal hygiene.
  • systematically trains its staff so as to make them more skilled.
  • invests in suitable material infrastructure while it checks and maintains its equipment in regular basis.
  • responds to its customers as quickly as possible.
  • honestly co-operates with the inspectors and the rest members of the food network so as to protect consumer’s health.